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CGMA (CG Master Academy) isn’t your average online school – they might be small, but their impact is huge! For as low as $500 you can gain access to two amazing qualifications: Character Artist Certification and Continued Education.

CGMA’s classes typically take three months to complete so the time investment won’t break the bank either, freeing up more of your energy for all-night creative sessions or refining that masterpiece portfolio piece we know you’ve got stashed away somewhere.

Most importantly though according to student reviews students feel rewarded knowing CGMA has provided them with “Good teachers”, an “Affordable” education as well as a supportive environment packed full of “Helpful Career Services” .

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Inspiring and preparing the next wave of passionate and skilled production-ready artists
Ready to become the next industry all-star? CG Spectrum can get you there! With personalized mentorship from award-winning professionals that have worked on iconic films & games like ILM, DreamWorks and EA’s FIFA, your career goals just got a major upgrade.

Our mentors are plugged into pro studio workflows so they know exactly what knowledge their students need to take their skills up a notch – plus with access to our valuable network of experts, you’ll land yourself in first place for success!

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Syn Studio

Make your artistic dreams a reality at the world’s top-ranked concept art and illustration college
For over 10 years, they’ve been helping aspiring artists of all skill levels to master the fundamentals and succeed in concept art & illustration for the entertainment industry.

Packed full of affordable online classes, drawing/painting learning experiences AND full-time programs – you’re sure to see dramatic results within just 10 weeks! That’s why it comes as no surprise that The Rookies have ranked them #1 worldwide in 2020. Their diploma graduates are even smashing their way through top companies like Ubisoft and WB Games… So maybe YOU could be next? Unlock your creative potential NOW at Syn Studio!

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Istituto Marangoni

Write your name in the history of the fashion business
If you can dream it, Istituto Marangoni can help bring that vision to life! It’s no surprise why this world-renowned school has been included in the top 5 best fashion schools – they’ve helped propel superstars like Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana,) Franco Moschino (Moschino) and others into successful careers.

Plus their students routinely participate in international fashion weeks around the globe and are featured on editorial spreads from Vogue all the way down to AD magazine – so what more do you need? Unleash your creative potential at Istituto Marangoni today!

Why Istituto Marangoni?

Think Tank Training Centre

Think Tank Training Centre Experience the world-class VFX training and mentorship by industry professionals.
Think Tank Training Centre is the go-to spot for aspiring CG professionals looking to get a step up on their competition! Born from passion and innovation, Think Tank has become an all-star team of instructors with award winning projects such as Deadpool, Jurassic World and Beauty & The Beast under their belt.

Not only does this school have a sleek state of the art facility but it’s also nestled in an artfully renovated heritage building – talk about style AND substance. Students can work hard without worrying because they’ll be working with top notch high spec hardware that will keep them one step ahead while they dominate Hollywood’s finest productions!

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