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Introduction to Real-Time 3D & Virtual Production




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What will you learn?

Enter the exciting world of Unreal Engine with this brand new real-time 3d course for beginners! Go from simply installing the engine to creating a fully animated playable character. Mentored by a professional real-time artist, you’ll develop a broad knowledge of the engine and surrounding pipelines including basic rigging and motion capture.

CG Spectrum–one of the Top 50 Best Creative Media & Entertainment Art Schools in the World–has partnered with Epic Games and industry professionals to develop a job-focused study pathway to ensure you are well-positioned to enter the real-time 3D and virtual production field and make a productive contribution from day one on the job.

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Mentorship from industry pros

Unreal Academic Partner & Unreal Authorized Training Center

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In this real-time course for beginners, you’ll start with the fundamentals of Unreal Engine, learning how to set up animated characters in the engine, along with a wide variety of features, plus rigging and motion basics. Developing a good foundation in this area is essential for moving on to the Real-Time 3D & Virtual Production Diploma where you’ll apply your new skills to creating a film-quality cinematic shot.

What will you learn?

  • How to use a wide range of Unreal Engine features
  • Basic animation and rigging skills
  • Working with motion capture
  • An overview of real-time and virtual production pipelines

*This short course (or equivalent experience) is a prerequisite to the Real-Time 3D and Virtual Production Diploma.


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