CG Spectrum – Introduction to 3D Modeling

Introduction to 3D Modeling




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about the course

What will you learn?

In this online 3D modeling short course, you’ll learn how to create realistic props and assets using Maya and Substance Painter. You’ll be mentored by an industry expert with years of experience working on blockbuster films and best-selling video games.

3D modelers create CG representations of objects which are then animated or have VFX applied to them, and used in film and games. It’s an exciting career path where no two days are the same.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Be mentored by a world-class industry expert

Learn industry-standard software Maya

Start modeling in 3D without any prior knowledge

Choose 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)

course structure

term 1

Learn 3D modeling for beginners starting with the essentials: navigating Maya’s interface, understanding professional workflows, commonly used tools, and building 3D assets from scratch. Identify differences between film and video game models by learning high poly 3D modeling techniques, then converting it for video games, and adding textures in Substance Painter.

What will you learn?

  • How to set up proper workflows in Maya
  • Retopologize objects for clean line flow
  • Create 3D assets from film & games
  • Texture using Substance Painter

*This short course is the same as the term one of the 3D Modeling Diploma, so if you choose to continue after completing your certificate, you’ll already be a third of the way through the diploma course!


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    (3 x payments)

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