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about the course

What will you learn?

CG Spectrum’s game art course gives you a solid foundation in 3D modeling and game animation, which you can use to make your own video games! Your mentor will guide you step-by-step through character and environment design, so you can start creating your own incredible art.

As an Unreal Academic Partner, CG Spectrum works closely with Epic Games to provide high-quality educational opportunities with an experienced faculty, proven curriculum, and resources to foster personal and professional growth.

Gain confidence using industry-leading software like Maya, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine, learn the latest studio techniques, experiment with different 2D and 3D styles, and graduate with original work for your portfolio

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Play Video
Play Video

Mentorship from game artists with real-world experience

Learn Maya, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine

Grow your professional network while you learn

Choose 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)

course structure

term 1

Learn game art essentials starting with 3D modeling and animation exercises using Maya, Substance Painter, and Unreal Engine. Practice setting up a professional workflow–a vital skill you’ll use throughout your career. Create game animations using the 12 Principles of Animation, then move on to building game assets. Finish with portfolio pieces ranging from animation walk cycles and combat actions to 3D models of stylized props or weapons.

Animation Foundations (Stream A)

  • How to navigate software used by video game studios
  • Animate and build 3D models from scratch
  • Create believable motion in your animation
  • Retopolgize hi-res objects for clean line flow

3D Modeling Foundations (Stream B)

  • How to set up proper workflows in Maya
  • Retopolgize objects for clean line flow
  • Create 3D assets from film & games
  • Texture using Substance Painter

term 2

Test your new skills with more complex projects! Practice animating characters interacting with their surroundings. Next, learn how they deal with physical force so you can start animating combat actions commonly used in video game production. Jump into a human anatomy lesson, using it to create a 3D character with clothing plus accessories. Finally, using a concept design, create a realistic 3D environment with buildings, trees, rocks, and props.

Intermediate Animation (Stream A)

  • How to animate action sequences for games
  • Body mechanics for animation
  • Create 3D environments from scratch
  • Texture, light and render 3D assets

Intermediate 3D Modeling (Stream B)

  • How to create 3D characters & environments
  • Set up a basic scene for rendering
  • Model organic & hard surface assets
  • Apply lighting & rendering techniques

term 3

Time to build your own playable game! Using industry workflows in Unreal Engine, learn how to set up characters, implement animation, use AI interaction, and populate a game environment. Finish with a fully executable, playable game. By the end of this course, you will have a hands-on understanding of the video game pipeline, several portfolio pieces, and a clearer idea of which specialty you wish to pursue along your career path in the industry.

What will you learn?

  • How to build a video game from start to finish
  • Implement game art assets into Unreal Engine
  • Add FX, lighting, and cinematics
  • Package your fully executable game


What do you need to apply?


$ 7,999 USD upfront
  • Monthly instalments: $1,185 USD
    (9 x payments)
  • Per term instalments: $3,199 USD
    (3 x payments)


$ 9,999 USD upfront
  • Monthly instalments: $1,485 USD
    (9 x payments)
  • Per term instalments: $3,999 USD
    (3 x payments)

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