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Concept Art Diploma

Enfoque de un Diploma en Diseño: Muestra sobre diferentes especialidades del diseño.




CAD $35,995


18 months





about the course

What will you learn?

This Concept Art Diploma Program is an elite 18-month training program, you will receive all the tools, techniques, training, skills and strategies required to build a killer concept art portfolio and get hired as a concept artist in the entertainment industry.

After graduating with a cutting-edge skill set, industry connections and a killer portfolio, you will have the following concept art career paths open to you: Character Design, Environment Design, Prop and Vehicle Designer, Creature Designer, Concept Art Generalist, etc.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Elite vocational training with relevant industry professionals

This is why you came here. To let those who have already succeeded show you the way.

Regular 1-on-1 coaching sessions with real masters

Everyone who made it to the top had help along the way. Most had master-level coaching.

Free Syn Studio regular art and social events

Open studio life drawing, field trips, end of term student art shows and parties, art demos and student movie nights. Learn and improve while forging bonds with other passionate artists on the same path.

Attend industry events organized by Syn Studio (FREE)

Game and film studio tours/visits, masterclasses, demos and workshops with world-famous concept artists, Industry parties and more. Meet, learn from and make connections with the top people in the industry.

course structure

term 1

Learn the fundamentals of sketching for production, universal principles of image making, essential concept art pipelines and techniques for digital image manipulation and managing your visual reference library.

term 2

Become proficient at visually communicating your designs and integrating photographic elements into your work-flow. Understand human and animal anatomy in-depth so you can create convincing creatures and characters.

term 3

Learn how to represent gesture, expression and personality in your creatures and characters, as well as how to convincingly illustrate characters within their environments. Become proficient at generating creative solutions to a variety of design challenges.

term 4

Acquire advanced illustration techniques and take your design skills to the next level while working on vehicle, prop and environment concept art under the guidance of your instructor, who will act as your art director.

term 5

Learn how to design iconic creatures and characters as you gain several powerful, cutting-edge concept design pipelines, incorporating advanced Photoshop techniques and 3D into your work-flow.

term 6

Assemble an industry-ready concept art portfolio, learn to target it to get the job you want and gain a series of strategies, tactics and skills for breaking into the industry and ensuring your success as a professional concept artist.


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$ 35,995 CAD TOTAL
  • Payment plans and other types of reimbursements available.

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