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Analytical Sketching


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What will you learn?

This Analytical Sketching course will give you the skills required to accurately sketch any object, plant, animal, person or vehicle by breaking it down into simple geometric forms. You will learn quickly through demonstration, exercises, observational drawing and one-on-one feedback and correction from the instructor. 

This method of analytical sketching is one of the most efficient and effective ways to construct your drawings and is an essential visual communication tool for concept artists, illustrators and animators. By the end of this class, you will have greatly increased your confidence, accuracy and speed in line drawing.

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Taught by the top Concept Artist Industry Mentors.

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weekly breakdown

Learn the best ways to use your materials and develop your basic hand-drawing skills through a series of exercises.

Drawing basic shapes and forms. Understand how to represent the basic forms with which all objects are built.

Learn how to capture organic forms & contours.

Develop proficiency in drawing geometric forms in perspective. Understand how to represent light and shadow in perspective.

Learn how to efficiently break down complex subjects into basic shapes so you can sketch them quickly and accurately.

Understand how to apply the analytical approach to human anatomy.

Learn to apply your analytical sketching skills to the human figure so you can sketch people with proper form, depth, and perspective.

Learn to add tones to your line drawings to bring them to life.

Understand how to use your analytical sketching skills to accurately represent realistic environments.

Learn to apply your analytical drawing skills to generate interesting new designs and take your visual creativity to the next level.


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