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Advanced Digital Illustration Course




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about the course

What will you learn?

Discover how to create professionally polished art for films, video games, and publishing! With mentorship from an established artist and a curriculum focused on job outcomes, the Advanced Illustration Diploma helps you build critical job skills and a portfolio to impress employers.

As a professional illustrator, your job is equal parts Director, Concept Artist, Painter, Cinematographer, and 3D Modeler. At CG Spectrum you’ll get hands-on experience putting these skills together to create the illusion of space in a 2D narrative moment.

You’ll master complex illustration techniques and learn how to communicate effectively through art, creating compelling work that captivates and inspires. Meet your mentor online for weekly classes, get personalized video critiques of your work, and graduate with a portfolio of original creations!

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Be mentored by award-winning artists

Specialized focus on art for film, games & publishing

Extra career support to get you in front of employers

Choose 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)

course structure

term 1

Discover how to use your human or creature figure to convey the story of your artwork. Explore advanced painting techniques to mimic traditional media, and practice fine art portraiture and digital painting. Examine how famous artists approached paint handling and gesture. Then experiment with composition to guide viewers to the action, and see how light, color, and shape enhance your story.

What will you learn?

  • How to manipulate light, value, and atmosphere
  • Gather quality reference material
  • Receive constructive critiques
  • Speed up workflows with 3D software

term 2

The end goal of a successful illustration is to accurately tell a story and sell a product. Explore various commercial markets and learn about creating book covers, card gaming art, and marketing art for film and games. Experiment with hand painting, photo-bashing, and 3D paint-overs. Assignments are treated like real commissions with hard deadlines so you learn to work under pressure.

What will you learn?

  • How to turn rough sketches into final art
  • Manage time and meet deadlines
  • Create art for various markets
  • Work with specific client briefs

term 3

With your mentor’s guidance, you’ll polish your best pieces for your portfolio. As a diploma student, you can access additional career development services to learn how to develop your competitive edge, market yourself, and make the best possible impression in front of employers.

What will you learn?

  • How to polish your portfolio to impress employers
  • Be more confident with negotiation
  • Network & self-promote effectively
  • Tap into the hidden job market 

All diploma students receive additional 1-on-1 career support, portfolio reviews, and industry insights from CG Spectrum’s Career Development Manager.


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$ 7,999 USD upfront
  • Monthly instalments: $1,185 USD
    (9 x payments)
  • Per term instalments: $3,199 USD
    (3 x payments)


$ 9,999 USD upfront
  • Monthly instalments: $1,485 USD
    (9 x payments)
  • Per term instalments: $3,999 USD
    (3 x payments)

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