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What will you learn?

In the 3-D Arts undergraduate certificate program students will learn fundamental art principles—including scale, proportion, and composition—to develop an understanding of how to create visual media. This program familiarizes students with the career paths and professional expectations of 3-D artists as well as the methods, techniques, and technologies of the production studio.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Participate in rewarding projects

Students create a collaborative game project in their final term

course structure

month 1

This subject examines the impact of technology and technological innovations across various industries. Students will explore a variety of interactive forms, media types, programming languages, and organizational structures and will also learn how these various components can be combined to create professional technology-based projects.

month 2

The 3-D Foundations course familiarizes students with the fundamentals of creating 2-D and 3-D computer graphics. Students will learn the interface and controls of industry-standard software applications as they develop basic animation skills that prepare them for the more advanced courses later in their program.

month 3

The Fundamentals of Art I course introduces students to the language of visual arts. This class includes discussions, peer critiques, mentoring, specialized workshops, and small-group collaboration.

month 4

The Model Creation course teaches computer modeling with polygon surfaces. Students will focus on developing their skills as computer-graphic (CG) artists, leveraging the traditional fine-arts principles of shape and silhouette, scale and proportion, and edge quality and integrating them with strategies to build better CG models.

month 5

The Fundamentals of Art II course builds on the skills and knowledge developed in Fundamentals of Art I and prepares students for subject matter essential to artists in the 3-D arts industry.

month 6

The Project I: 3-D Arts course combines hands-on learning experiences with summative and formative portfolio assessments. In this course, students will apply their artistic skills and technical knowledge to create a replica of hard-surface models based on reference material.

month 7

The Portfolio I: 3-D Arts course allows students to showcase an art asset based on the production knowledge and experience gained in their Project I: 3-D Arts course.


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