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2D Motion Graphics in After Effects




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about the course

What will you learn?

This course on 2D Motion Graphics in After Effects will allow you to navigate through basic keyframing tools & techniques in After Effects to create 2D Motion Graphics for personal, advertising, and commercial use. Artists in any field can use these skills to enhance their demo reels, round out a pitch presentation, or add to their portfolios!

From the very beginnings of an idea to creating the design, until the completion of your animation, you will learn basic principles of combining design with a motion to create unique and effective 2D animations.

By the end of the course, you will become skilled at strong facial expressions, how to break down a line of dialogue, how to create motion blur, and how to use video references to improve your animation.

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Graduate with an outstanding portfolio

Learn to design, create, and animate assets using After Effects

Students will learn basic principles of combining design with motion to create unique and effective 2D animations.

One year of free access to the full course.

Enjoy one-year full access to the course that includes lectures, feedback, and live Q&A recordings.

Earn a Certificate of Completion

Earn a Certificate of Completion when you complete and turn in 80% of course assignments.

Personalized expert feedback and live Q&A.

Receive personal individual feedback on all submitted assignments from the industry’s best artist.

course structure

What will you learn?

Student Introduction 

  • What is your background / expectations for the class?
  • Covering the basics of the AE interface – making new compositions, project settings, timelines, tools, project / effects / text panels, key frames.
  • How to work with video settings and codecs.
  • Exporting a project.
  • The 5 different animations currently used in the industry.
  • Continue to learn important features in After Effects: AE shortcuts, AE layers, Bringing layers from Photoshop, Organizing in the projects panel, Pre-comps, Reducing projects, Media caches, Morphing Shapes, Strokes, and Masking.
  • How to create style frames and mood boards using After Effects and Photoshop 
  • Lighting, blurs, color-correction, creating trendy layouts, text, and other compositing tools.
  • Overlays, Alphas, Green screens, Mattes, Expression, Plug-ins
  • Basic effects from effects panels: Key light, Wiggle, Blurs and Generate.
  • Cameras in After Effects, z-space, depth of field 
  • Lights, Paralaxing, pre-comps, and kinetic type
  • How to create infographics—informative animations combining text and visual elements to inform about a service or product 
  • Basic editing techniques in Adobe Premiere 
  • Portfolio reels
  • How to create opening animations—introductions to any product or service that set a mood / expectation of the brand
  • Opening, closing, and lower thirds 
  • Show packages 
  • Frame tracking, tools, pipelines, and housekeeping in After Effects 
  • Begin final project
  • The motion graphics market: freelancing rates, full-time and other opportunities in the industry
  • Preparing yourself for the job market 
  • How to stand out
  • Work ethics 
  • Finish final project


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  • Payment plans and other types of reimbursement available

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